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Here we go, again

It's been a long time since our last post. Plenty of excuses, none that are good enough. So let's just skip all of that and get back to what we love.

From one of our favorites, Peter Hollens has done it again with his "Moves Like Jagger" cover featuring Savannah Outen. Lots of fun stuff going on, fr…

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Italian Days, A Cappella Nights

It's been a few weeks, and for that we apologize. Our time in Italy is coming to a close and we've been busy tying up loose ends. On a personal note, the Voca People will be in Rome tonight, which is a can't miss event. If you don't know who they are GO, RUN, NOW! You NEED to see what these guys (…

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From Then to Now

Patrick van Slee & Matthew Gossage, 2002: We found this video in the vaults of Youtube (posted in the baby years of 2006) and we were both fascinated and entertained. So far the oldest youtube opac we've seen, this video proves a cappella multi-tracking has been around for a while. No promise on so…

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Come however, leave happy

All of today's videos have an air of upbeat simplicity to them. They don't take themselves too seriously and there's no way you can leave mad after watching them. Just..just watch them. Happiness. 

Courtney Woolsey- We were so excited to find Courtney (girl opac omg!), but were sad once we realize…

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We Still Love the "Big" Ones

We will never tire of the guys who make this genre popular. So today we're bringing you a couple of those videos.

Who could tire of Sam Tsui's voice? And even though this cover eventually has backing instrumentals, we can't thank Tsui and Schneider enough for inspiring many of the people who create …

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It's not Friday

You knew it was coming. The very first Friday opac cover.

Brandon Toy was featured previously on our site, and brings us our first (and last?) cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday". It's actually quite good for the background and what he's done with an otherwise "unappreciated" song. We're not here to d…

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3 of a (different) Kind

We're breaking the rules again today.

Shane Stever creates another masterpiece, but this time with the unbelievably brilliant vocals of the Melodore's Seth Johnson-Stever's (with the arranging help of Suranjan Sen) Grenade is NOT TO MISS. You will be wow'd by both Stever's background vocals as well …

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An Unusual Exception

We try to keep all posts opac. That is, one person singing, perc'ing, arranging, producing, etc. But this video is too good to pass up and it's for a great cause. Information has been copied from the original youtube video.

"The latest musical project, "Pray," consists of sounds entirely made …

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Long Time Coming, The New Guys

Haven't posted in a while. Was feeling in a slump for not finding any newcomers lately, and then today found an amazing voice that I'm disappointed I didn't find sooner.

Introducing, Peter Hollens, singer/acappella/multitrack extraordinaire. Peter only has a few videos on his youtube but each of t…

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All boiz

Our first of the day is more experimental than usual (besides one other post...), but is interesting because of it.

The Donkey Wheel- TDW uses short clips (no longer than 1 second) and patches them all together to create everything you hear- the background, the perc, the sound effects- everything. T…

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1/31/11, New HQ, New Direction

Buona Sera, Voice of One Fanatics! It's been 3 long weeks since our last post here and we are deeply sorry. Since the last post, Vof1 has relocated to Italy and has been setting up shop and readjusting to the change. We are live and back in action! In addition, we are changing the way we present mus…

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On this 1/11/11 I present some of the least (but highly deserved) appreciated opac on the web. These vids have just a few thousand views, but the soloists are fantastic.

Brandon Toy  is a great singer and arranger. Many of his videos feature other people or background music so we were ecstatic to fi…

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Digging Deeper

As we featured the very popular videos first, it's taking more time to find high quality opac (if it's really good it has a lot of views, right?). We're trying to feature different people, so give these different genres a chance.

---Matt Wrobel- Starting us off is a user submitted video (our first!)…

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Girls and Boys, all singing at once

Browsing the tube today, found some all girl opac, worth a watch!

Maria Zouroudis does a short and sweet cover of TiK ToK. Maria's strong vocals hooks you in the beginning and encourages you to check out her other videos. Not all a cappella, but the girls got pipes and it shows in whatever style sh…

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Multi-tracking to the Extreme

A quick break from opac, comes an intense version of multi-tracking by none other than the genius himself, Eric Whitacre. Whitacre is putting together a virtual choir, where singers send in videos of themselves singing "Sleep" and he tracks them together to form the sound of a choir (sound familiar?…

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4 guys, 1 voice

Our first post over here at One Voice Only, and we would like to treat you to some sweet one person a cappella mega hits. These videos have gotten a lot of publicity and for good reason- these guys know what they're doing. From legit arrangements to intense lighting and professional recordings, thes…

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