3 of a (different) Kind

We're breaking the rules again today.

Shane Stever creates another masterpiece, but this time with the unbelievably brilliant vocals of the Melodore's Seth Johnson-Stever's (with the arranging help of Suranjan Sen) Grenade is NOT TO MISS. You will be wow'd by both Stever's background vocals as well as Johnson's leading solo. And that Gospel Choir? Heck YES I'll give you a thumbs up.
Facebook.com/ShaneSteverMusic  -  Twitter.com/ShaneStever 

Bruno Mars, Grenade:

Michael Carlson, a cool dude we've recently become privy to. He sent us some videos of himself using looping technology to create one heck of a one man band. Sure opac is cool, but LIVE opac? Now that's something!
Twitter.com/3X09  -  Myspace.com/tripleohnine

Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams:

Leila- Our last video of the day is very exciting because IT'S FROM A GIRL. Now, we're not sexist here over at Vof1, but girl opac is just hard to come by, let alone GOOD girl opac. So please, have a listen to her cover of And So It Goes. She has other contemporary hits (that she arranged), but her voice is especially beautiful in this honest, raw, and melodic Kirby Shaw (yeah, we know), arrangement. Oh, and she'd have the perfect girl quartet if she could clone. Ah, well.
Twitter.com/LarryStarburst  -  Youtube.com/AllAdultsHere

Billy Joel, And So It Goes: 

And to all of our readers, thank you! We are slowly growing into..well, we are growing, and that's what's important. Tell yo' kids, tell yo' wives, And keep on crankin' out that OPAC!

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