We Still Love the "Big" Ones

We will never tire of the guys who make this genre popular. So today we're bringing you a couple of those videos.

Who could tire of Sam Tsui's voice? And even though this cover eventually has backing instrumentals, we can't thank Tsui and Schneider enough for inspiring many of the people who create OPAC today. 
NoodleHouseStudios.com  -  Facebook.com/SamTsuiMusic AND /KurtHugoSchneider  -  Twitter.com/SamuelTsui AND /KurtHSchneider

Owl City, Fireflies-


And of course, the man who coined the phrase "Just Voice and Mouth", Mr. Mike Tompkins. We like this video because he provides insight on to how create your own opac!
Mike-Tompkins.com  -  Twitter.com/Mike_Tompkins  -  Facebook.com/MikeTompkinsMusic 

Taio Cruz, Dynamite-

What do you think? Who has inspired your journey into opac loving?

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