Italian Days, A Cappella Nights

It's been a few weeks, and for that we apologize. Our time in Italy is coming to a close and we've been busy tying up loose ends. On a personal note, the Voca People will be in Rome tonight, which is a can't miss event. If you don't know who they are GO, RUN, NOW! You NEED to see what these guys (things?) do. Very excited about that. But BACK TO OPAC. 

After the first two seconds, we already knew we would like this video. Jeffrey Allen Scott does a very cool cover of Beat It. With his resonanting bass paired with his natural sound effects, this video is an awesome example of opac with minimal computer enhancement (comparatively). This is one opac we wish would last more than a verse and chorus!  -

Michael Jackson, Beat It:

Jon Kosart
 (?) aka PAINT makes some cool/inventional(word?)/creative videos (see Paper Beat Box) (Also, Duet With Myself is pretty funny). The following video is fun, not too serious, and reminds us of The Donkey Wheel (see Knight's of Macedonia, scroll below). Bravo KosartMozart.

Jon Kosart, Remember: 

We've found (as you probably will by browsing this site) that people LOVE covering Bruno Mars. His range is perfect for altos, tenors- really anyone looking to showcase their voice. Because there are so many Mars covers out there, it can become difficult to find the really exceptional ones. Gabe Klavun however, spends the time to make a solid cover (arrangement, vocals, editing) and succeeds. A pleasantly surprising find! 

Bruno Mars, Marry You:

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