Come however, leave happy

All of today's videos have an air of upbeat simplicity to them. They don't take themselves too seriously and there's no way you can leave mad after watching them. Just..just watch them. Happiness. 

Courtney Woolsey- We were so excited to find Courtney (girl opac omg!), but were sad once we realized a lot of her covers had some instrument in them or were older. So we said "Oh well!" and decided to  feature her anyway. She's got one heck of a voice and needs to get big NOW. Please give her a watch.  -  -

Katy Perry, Firework-

 Ryan Narciso. His voice. It's like a soft, flowing tapestry that works beautifully as a soloist as well as a chorus of background singers. While his arrangement is simple, it lends to his vocal quality. However, upon further listening, you realize it's not that simple at all. He's got some interesting and wonderful chords in there. Also, the key changes are pretty cool.  -  -

Aladdin, A Whole New World-

 Del covers an opac favorite (we tend to see several songs with a bunch of covers), but does it with such a light carefreeness that you find you can listen to it one more time. Also, his intros give you a little insight into his sweet personality.  -  -

Jason Mraz, I'm Yours-

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