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Italian Days, A Cappella Nights

It's been a few weeks, and for that we apologize. Our time in Italy is coming to a close and we've been busy tying up loose ends. On a personal note, the Voca People will be in Rome tonight, which is a can't miss event. If you don't know who they are GO, RUN, NOW! You NEED to see what these guys (…

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3 of a (different) Kind

We're breaking the rules again today.

Shane Stever creates another masterpiece, but this time with the unbelievably brilliant vocals of the Melodore's Seth Johnson-Stever's (with the arranging help of Suranjan Sen) Grenade is NOT TO MISS. You will be wow'd by both Stever's background vocals as well …

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All boiz

Our first of the day is more experimental than usual (besides one other post...), but is interesting because of it.

The Donkey Wheel- TDW uses short clips (no longer than 1 second) and patches them all together to create everything you hear- the background, the perc, the sound effects- everything. T…

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1/31/11, New HQ, New Direction

Buona Sera, Voice of One Fanatics! It's been 3 long weeks since our last post here and we are deeply sorry. Since the last post, Vof1 has relocated to Italy and has been setting up shop and readjusting to the change. We are live and back in action! In addition, we are changing the way we present mus…

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