4 guys, 1 voice

Our first post over here at One Voice Only, and we would like to treat you to some sweet one person a cappella mega hits. These videos have gotten a lot of publicity and for good reason- these guys know what they're doing. From legit arrangements to intense lighting and professional recordings, these people are the inspiration for this site. So check them out, enjoy and leave comments and links below.

Corey Vidal (moosebutter): The guy that started it all (at least for us), Corey's video is clean and simple and features (surprise!) the crooning voices of Moosebutter. Moosebutter: Website

 John Williams, Star Wars/John Williams is the Man-


Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider: The Yale duo were featured on Ellen after their Michael Jackson Medley went viral. Sam lends vocals while Kurt is the mastermind behind mixing and perc.

Sara Bareilles, King of Anything-

Mike Tompkins: Great singer, good looks, and high tech set up, this kids got it figured out. Also featured on Ellen, where he hooked up with Timbaland and began collaborating with soon after. Beware: the video below may make you dizzy.

Rihanna, Only Girl- 

Danny Fong: Just recently discovered via nerdbastards.com (don't ask), worth giving a watch. Showcases less contemporary/popular songs than the other guys featured tonight.

Pokemon Theme Song-

Happy Listening!

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