It's not Friday

You knew it was coming. The very first Friday opac cover.

Brandon Toy was featured previously on our site, and brings us our first (and last?) cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday". It's actually quite good for the background and what he's done with an otherwise "unappreciated" song. We're not here to discuss politics- or the quality of non opac artists music- so we'll just say, we like what he's done with this song. Check itt.  -  

Rebecca Black, Friday-

Feel good! Swoony! Upbeat! German! The words to describe André Fuckert's (real name) voice and cover. We were happy to pull this one out of the vaults of YouTube as it's over a year (gasp!) old and yet to be discovered by us (even though 54 thousand other people beat us to it).

Train, Hey Soul Sister

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